Whores of Lücifer

by Plague Warhead



released September 11, 2011



all rights reserved


Plague Warhead Sweden

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Track Name: Dominate
I. Dominate

Through fire and storm I will arise to divide
Then conquer and rule
Death will be total, by bloodshred by hatred and fear
Hatred and fear
Life is your prison, I promise that I'll set you free
No mercy for the weak
Genocide by homicide, destruction, starvation and pain
You will see

Live by my rules, die by my hand
Kneel when I say - There's no other way
Do as you're told - Bow your head and obey
I dominate. DOMINATE

Full force of violence, full force of hate
Forces of evil that I dominate
Fire above, fire below
You burn as a torch cause that's what I say
Killing for pleasure, killing for fun
Shitloads of DB's when I'm done
Lord or Messiah don't matter to me
I dominate this is my killing spree

Live by my....
Track Name: Forces of Evil
II. Forces of Evil

When the light turns to darkness
Every drop of blood is spilled
When there are no remains but ashes
And all the Christians are killed

We’re the Forces of Evil
The name of Satan we salute
Hail to the Horned One

When the priest is forsaken
Their faith is gone forever more
They'll know that Jesus was a shepherd
Virgin Mary - A whore

We’re the forces...

When every soul is collected
Burn in Hell forever more
When every mind is infected
We're prepared for war

We’re the forces...

When the whole world is burning
And all the angels are dead
When the world lies in shadows
The word of Satan is spread

We’re the forces...
Track Name: Blood Messiah
III. Blood Messiah

You thought of me as the chosen one
The saviour, Jesus Christ
An extension of your fragile God
The essence of your Life
I didn’t suffer upon no cross
Nor perished for your lies
When time has come to judge your soul
I grant no paradise

No holy whore

Heavens above, no celestial joy
Reverse is my reign
Empire below, you dwell evermore
Your destiny’s pain
Blood Messiah

I’ll consume your flesh to free your soul
To torment relentlessly
I’ll feast on your blood your spirit is doomed
To hell eternally
Your prayers unheard
It’s time to repent your tears are all in vain
For I’m not the son of your God
But He who stands in flames

No holy Whore

Heavens above...
Track Name: Stench of Decay
IV. Stench of Decay

Rise from the dead - rise from your grave
Walk out from the tomb - the army of the dead
Putrified corpses gather today
The whole world of the livning - it's time to slay

Disgusted by the living - obsessed by the dead
Possessed by the unholy - sacred bodies shred

Stench of decay
Sign of the army of the dead
Funeral reversed
Morbidity walk the earth
Armed to their teeth - into the night they go
Stench of decay
Sign of the army of the dead

Legions of dead out for revenge
Lifetime in darkness - aeons as dead
Chained to a coffin in a grave deep and cold
Rise from the dirt - demand back your soul

Mutilated bodies out for revenge
Funeral reversed - follow the stench

Stench of...